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Lab News

Our collaborative COVID vaccine candidate work has just been accepted for publication in Microbiology Spectrum. This work leverages our SpyCage system as an intranasal vaccine display platform. Using SARS-CoV-2 Spike RBD and a protein adjuvant, we immunized hamsters and did live challenge experiments in BSL3. Congrats to all of the authors in the Sutton, Hafenstein, Norton, and Lindner Labs! (20240117)

Read the press release here.

Watch the animation that supports the publication and intranasal vaccines for respiratory pathogens here.

Leena Wardeh was awarded a grant in support of her Senior Honors Research from the Eberly College of Science. Congrats again, Leena! (20231218)

Aniko Verbrugge passed her comprehensive exam! Congrats, Aniko Verbrugge, Ph.D. Candidate! (20231102)

Scott is a finalist for the C.I. Noll Teaching Award from the Eberly College of Science at Penn State. (20231024)

Scott has been elected as a Fellow of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. This is a recognition of both excellence in research and service to the ASTMH. Read more about it here.  (20231018)

Scott has been elected as a Symposium Councilor for the American Committee of Molecular, Cellular, and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP) of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH). He is looking forward to contributing to the scientific programming for ASTMH 2024 in New Orleans. (20231018)

Scott has been selected as a Huck Leadership Fellow at Penn State. This position will allow Scott to integrate his MBA training and excitement for preparing our M.S. and Ph.D.-level trainees for careers in biotech and pharma. More details are described in this press release. (20230701)

Mitchell Godin and Aswathy Sebastian teamed up for a great co-first author paper to finally update the P. yoelii 17XNL genome and provide the first comprehensive gene annotations for this important strain, which was one of the first malaria parasite genomes sequenced (back in 2002!). This was a great collaboration with Istvan Albert's group that provided unmatched bioinformatics insights into long-read and short-read DNA sequencing, along with Nanopore Direct RNA-seq. We love open-access articles... give it a read here in JBC! (20230527)

James McGee and Scott wrote a PLoS Pathogens Pearl article with Jean-Paul Armache on specialized ribosomes of Plasmodium parasites. This is open access, give it a read here! (20230413)

Leena Wardeh has been awarded the Erickson Discovery Grant for 2023! This is a highly competitive, university-wide competition and is highly selective. We are thrilled that Leena will continue her research with us in Summer 2023. Congrats, Leena! (20230315). Update: Read the Press Release here! (20230619)

Scott has been elected by his colleagues to be a Councilor-at-Large for the American Committee of Molecular, Cellular, and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP) of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH). (20221102)

Aniko Verbrugge passed her Qualifying Exam with flying colors! Congrats, Aniko! (20221020)

Allen Minns and Scott were honored with Penn State's "Outstanding Collaborative Research Team" award for our work on the COVID-19 research response with our colleagues across multiple colleges (College of Medicine, Ag, Eberly College of Science). More details can be found here. This was an unexpected but delightful recognition! (20221013)

Scott was selected to participate in Penn State's NSF-funded I-Corps short course starting soon. This will be a great opportunity to further advance our interests in research commercialization. (20221004)

Welcome to Leena Wardeh, a new undergraduate researcher in the Lindner Lab. Leena is a 3rd year student in the Schreyer Honors College, majoring in Biology (Vertebrate Physiology) with an Anthropology minor. Welcome, Leena! (20220825)

Scott's 50th publication just went live today in ACS Photonics. This was another great COVID collaboration with colleagues at Penn State that launched in the scary, early days of the pandemic and people pulled together to do some good science that might help the cause. This work was *way* out of our typical research area, where Allen Minns and Scott collaborated in developing biophysical approaches to identify the RBD of SARS-CoV-2's Spike (S) protein. Read the article here. (20220825)

Kelly Rios has successfully defended her Ph.D. Dissertation! This has all the feels of the end of an era, as Kelly was one of the first group of grad students in the lab. She did a great job with her public defense and written dissertation, and is now off to biotech. Congrats, Dr. Rios! (20220823)

Scott was awarded the Daniel R. Tershak Memorial Teaching Award for 2020-2021. "Scott Lindner for many years established excellent rapport with large Microbiology/ BMB 251 classes as well as created an excellent course in ethics. We recognized him devoting many hours to recording all his lectures and using class time to discuss them in a flipped setting during the pandemic." Scott remarked, "This is a huge honor, because it is due to executing my hare-brained ideas on how to best pivot two very different courses to a flipped classroom format. The extra efforts ensured that students could keep learning in the midst of a pandemic and its unique challenges. I also now have an extensive video library where I can remain 40 years old for eternity!" (20220808)

Another collaborative paper is accepted! This work, led by Ian Lamb in the laboratory of Akhil Vaidya, looked at the proteome of P. falciparum's mitochondrion. Kelly Rios' expertise with the bioinformatics of proteomics allowed statistical metrics to be applied to a huge dataset. Congrats, all! (20220808).

Our collaborative paper with the Dvorin Lab featuring work from James McGee is now published in PNAS! This work investigated a new member of the basal body complex (PfBLEB) and its importance to parasite development. Read the article here. (20220818)

New in Cell Reports: our collaboration with Sam Kurup using our CRISPR-RGR approach shows the importance of direct type I interferon responses in the hepatocyte that is infected... not just systemic/neighbor effects. Work from former Lindner Lab Ph.D. Student Mike Walker created a tool that enables Plasmodium to secrete the Cre recombinase into the host cell to excise flox'd *host* genes! Pretty rad! Read more here. (20220719)

Aniko Verbrugge has been selected as an NIGMS T32 trainee with the Center for Eukaryotic Gene Regulation here at Penn State! This is an excellent training experience and we're looking forward to her contributions to the Center. Congrats, Aniko! (20220630)

Congrats to Kelly Rios on the acceptance of her 1st author paper in mSphere! This study was built upon work Kelly did with former undergraduate researcher (and co-author) Taylor Dickson just before the pandemic hit... its great to see it out in the world! (20220427)

We've said farewell (for now!) to Amy Lee Burns, who has moved back to Australia to pursue a new research and teaching position in Academia there. Best luck, Amy! (20211215)

Congrats to both James McGee and Mitchell Godin who passed their Comprehensive Exams on back-to-back days! They are both now Ph.D. Candidates, and we're looking forward to seeing their proposed dissertation studies play out over the next few years. Congrats, both! (20211111)

Our latest paper is now out in PLOS Biology (read it here). This is the last of Kevin Hart's Ph.D. work (end of an era!) and describes a gene duplication event unique to Plasmodium and two related parasite genera that was adapted for parasite transmission of both sexes. The story was fleshed out with great data from several other group members and is a great example of following one's scientific curiosity about unexpected results. (20211021)

Mikaela Follmer is off to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Colorado School of Medicine - Anschutz Campus (Aurora, CO). Well done and best luck, Mikaela! (20210630)

Megan Gragg has started a new position as a Medical Writer. Best luck, Megan! (20210430)

Mike Walker has successfully defended his Ph.D.! Congrats, Mike! (20210223)

Mikaela Follmer has recorded a series of videos on the rearing and dissection of Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes in our insectary. You can view these videos on the Lindner Lab YouTube channel here. (20210109)

Scott was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, effective July 1, 2020! (20200701)

Leigh Smith and Lauren Sarko have graduated from Penn State, with a virtual graduation ceremony due to the COVID-19 campus closure. While not the conclusion we all imagined, both Leigh and Lauren did a great job in wrapping up their research projects (with their grad student mentors Kelly Rios and Mike Walker). We are all very happy and proud of their accomplishments! (20200508)


Our undergrads are on to Ph.D. programs this Fall! Leigh Smith will go to the Pathobiology program at the University of Washington in Seattle, and Lauren Sarko will go to to the Cellular and Molecular Pathology program at the University of Wisconsin. I'm terribly proud that they will *both* go to a UW school! Incredible training and opportunities await them at both institutions. (20200430)


Amy Lee Burns has joined the Lindner Lab as a post-doctoral scientist. Amy comes to us from Danny Wilson's lab at the University of Adelaide and will focus on understanding translational repression in sporozoites, and advance our Plasmodium falciparum efforts to boot! Welcome, Amy! (20200306)

Kelly Rios and I published our PLoS Pathogens Pearl article on RNA-binding proteins important to Plasmodium transmission. This was a great way to summarize recent findings in our field. Thanks to Audrey Odom John who proposed the idea, and served as our handling editor. Read the Pearl here. (20191226)

Two new Ph.D. students have joined the Lindner Lab: James McGee (MCIBS program) and Mitchell Godin (BMMB program)! Stay tuned for their future successes! (20191205)

I was able to speak about our recently published work on translational repression in Plasmodium sporozoites at the Annual Meeting of the ASTMH alongside many other great speakers in my session. (20191123)

Scott was one of two keynote speakers (along with Caroline Buckee) for the Future of Malaria Research Symposium organized by colleagues at Johns Hopkins University. It was a great day of hearing essentially the full range of topics within parasitology and entomology! It also happened to be Mickey Mouse’s birthday, which featured prominently in Scott's talk. (20191118)

Leigh Smith presented her work on a Plasmodium yoelii RNA-binding protein important for gametocyte transmission at the oSTEM meeting in Detroit, MI. Congrats, Leigh! (20191116)

Our magnum opus on the identification of TWO translational repression programs in Plasmodium sporozoites is now out in Nature Communications! This was a multi-year effort involving Photini Sinnis and her team, Kristian Swearingen and Rob Moritz, and Scott's former post-doc advisor Stefan Kappe. Read the article here, and read our press release here. (20191031)

Mike Walker, Kelly Rios, Joanne Power, and Scott got to attend the Molecular Parasitology Meeting at Woods Hole, MA. As always, incredible research going on in our community. This year, we found a great AirBNB and had a house to ourselves! Might be a new tradition… (20190919)

Allen Minns has been promoted to Research Technologist 4! Congrats, Allen! This promotion reflects Allen's strong commitment and excellent work in the Lindner Lab and beyond. (20190829)

Jena Everett has joined the Lindner Lab as an undergraduate work study student. Welcome, Jena! (20190829)

We celebrated Kevin Hart moving on to start a new position with Cook Myosite near Pittsburgh, PA. Kevin was with us from nearly the first day, and it’ll be bittersweet to see this chapter close. Congrats on your well-earned degree and new position, Kevin! (20190819)

Joanne Power has joined us as a Post-Doctoral Scientist, having recently completed her Ph.D. with Andy Waters at the Wellcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology at the University of Glasgow. Welcome, Joanne! (20190801)

Our review on CRISPR-based gene editing in Plasmodium is now out in Briefings in Functional Genomics. It was great writing this with Marcus Lee, JJ Lopez-Rubio, and Manuel Llinas. You can find it here. (20190731)

Joann Butkus has moved from the Lindner Lab to pursue an MD at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Congrats and good luck, Joann! (20190628)

Mikaela Follmer has joined us to manage our mosquito colony and contribute to other ongoing projects. Welcome, Mikaela! (20190624)

Lauren Sarko has started her summer position as a Erickson Discovery Grant recipient  working with Mike Walker. It’s great to have Lauren here to push her project this summer and dig deeper into the science. (20190614)

Logan Finger has graduated from Penn State! He’s moving on to pursue a MD at U. Pittsburgh this fall. Congrats and good luck, Logan! (20190504)

Mike Walker‘s paper on CRISPR-RGR is now published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC)! He found that using multiple sgRNAs pushes genome editing events to locus replacement (instead of also integrating the plasmid), that small HDR templates are used efficiently (as small at 100bp/side), and that CRISPRi is possible in P. yoelii. Read all about it here. Congrats, Mike! (20190501)
Update: Mike’s paper was honored as one of the top 50 most viewed papers of April/May 2019 in JBC! (20190617)


Logan Finger, Leigh Smith, and Lauren Sarko all presented their work in the Penn State Undergraduate Research Exhibition. This is a great forum to present their findings to their peers and to network with other researchers at Penn State. See photos here! (20190417)

Lauren Sarko has received a prestigious Erickson Discovery Grant in support of her work in the Lindner Lab for Summer 2019! Congrats, Lauren! (20190301)

Kevin Hart graduated! See a photo of Kevin and Scott at his Ph.D. Graduation ceremony in our photo page. Congrats, Dr. Hart! (20181215)

Kevin Hart‘s manuscript on the deadenylases of the CAF1/CCR4/NOT complex has been editorially accepted for publication in PLoS Pathogens! Congrats to Kevin, Mike, and Allen, and our collaborators in John Adams’ Lab at USF! (20181210) Now available at the PPATH website here (20190328)

Tanumoy Mondol has joined the Lindner and Hafenstein Labs here in Happy Valley. Welcome, Tanumoy! (20181201)


Mike Walker‘s manuscript on CRISPR-RGR in Plasmodium yoelii has been posted to Biorxiv. This describes why many groups have had issues with plasmid integration using CRISPR, and also shows that CRISPRi is functional in Plasmodium! (20181129)


Megan Gragg has arrived, and will be the newest member of the Lindner and Hafenstein Labs. Welcome, Megan! (20180917)


Lauren Sarko has joined the Lindner Lab as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Lauren! (20180820)


Megan Gragg has accepted our offer and will join the Lindner and Hafenstein Groups as a post-doctoral scientist in September 2018 working on our collaborative cryo EM work. Megan has recently completed her Ph.D. at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland with Paul Park on biophysical measurements of rhodopsins and pathogenic variants. Welcome aboard, Megan! (20180814)


Trends in Parasitology just accepted our review of the proteomics studies of Plasmodium parasites over the last decade. This was great fun to write with my long-time collaborator, Kristian Swearingen at ISB/CIDResearch in Seattle! (20180805)
Update: We were also selected for the cover for November 2018! See it here.


Joann Butkus has joined the Lindner Lab as a Research Technologist 1. She will be our Mosquito Colony Manager and work to advance new techniques for molecular parasitology applications. Welcome, Joann! (20180604)


The Applied Biological and Biosecurity Research Laboratory (ABRL) at Penn State has launched their website (click here). We partner with ABRL with an interest on malaria transmission in South America (20180605)


Steve Griffin has accepted a position to launch his career after graduating from Penn State. Congrats, Steve! (20180511).


Kelly Rios presented her work on RNA structural analyses for the RNA Club at Penn State. Its great to have so many sharp minds with us to consider this interesting aspect of Plasmodium biology! (20180316)

A collaborative project with Noah Butler (U. Iowa) and Marion Pepper (U. Washington) on cGAS-mediated control of Plasmodium blood stage infections is now out in JCI Insight. (20180125)


Kelly Rios has passed her Comprehensive Exam and is now a Ph.D. Candidate/Dissertator in our BMMB Program. Congrats, Kelly! (20180112)


Allen Minns has published on PABP1 and PABP2 in Plasmodium yoelii in mSphere! This is work done also by Kevin Hart and in collaboration with Susan Hafenstein‘s lab. Congrats, Allen! (20180110)


Leigh Smith has joined our research group as an undergraduate researcher, focusing on proximity-based biotinylation approaches for proteomics. Welcome, Leigh! (20180108)


I (Scott) received a Notice of Award from NIGMS for our 2nd R01: a Multi-PI R01 with Susan Hafenstein (and Phil Bevilacqua as co-investigator)! This will fund our Cryo-EM efforts for the next 4 years to push the boundaries of what is possible for structural studies of Plasmodium proteins (big or small!). (20171230)

A collaborative project with Noah Butler (U. Iowa) on B-cell and T-cell effects during Plasmodium infection is now out in Cell Reports. (20171114)

Kelly Rios was chosen for giving one of the best Poster Presentations of the MPM meeting. Congrats, Kelly! (20170914)


Mike Walker was chosen for giving one of the best Turbo Talks of the MPM meeting. Congrats, Mike! (20170914)


Kevin Hart and Mike Walker gave great talks at the Molecular Parasitology Meeting (MPM) at Woods Hole, MA! (20170914)


Logan Finger has joined our research group as an undergraduate researcher, focusing on stage-specific gene expression and promoter cis elements. Welcome, Logan! (20180821)

Our work on ALBA4 is now out in Molecular Microbiology, which is the first report of comparative RNA-seq and comparative targeted proteomics in Plasmodium in asexual blood stages, sexual stages, and even sporozoites! (20170808)

Mike Walker has received a Huck Graduate Research Innovation (GRI) grant! This work will help support his efforts to use CRISPR in the malaria parasite. Congrats, Mike! (20170615)

I (Scott) just got word that TWO R21’s that we are a part of will be funded! The first is our solo proposal for CRISPR’ing Plasmodium, the second (subcontract with KK Ojo, U. Washington) is for developing combination drug partners for Plasmodium. Needless to say… WE’RE HIRING!! (20170605)

Erin Vrana gave an incredible Poster Talk at the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting (ASM Microbe) in New Orleans, LA. (20170602)

Tyler Earp has joined the Lindner Lab as a Research Technologist 1 to support our mosquito rearing and mouse experiments, with his own project soon to be determined. Welcome, Tyler! (20170530)

Scott)was profiled in the new MicroNow site from American Society for Microbiology (ASM) for my talk on our work on CRISPR in Plasmodium. (20170526)

Our paper in PLOS Pathogens was one of the Top 50 most cited in 2016! This describes the surface proteomics and glycomics of Plasmodium sporozoites. (20170525)

Amanda Reese, Erin Vrana, and Laura Bowman graduated with their BS degrees this past weekend! We’ve been so fortunate to work with you. Best luck in the next chapters at Vandy, Austria, and South America! (20170508)


Erin Vrana has been awarded 1st Place for her presentation at the Penn State Undergraduate Research Expo out of hundred of students! What an accomplishment! Erin’s poster will be displayed in Old Main for the rest of the semester, and will receive a plaque and some cold hard cash. What a tremendous honor, Erin! (20170407)


Erin Vrana‘s abstract for the ASM Microbe Meeting was selected as an Outstanding Student Abstract Award! Erin will present her work on an essential RNA-binding protein in NOLA this June. Congrats, Erin! (20170329)


We received the Notice of Grant Award for our R01 application with NIAID, which focuses on translational regulation during Plasmodium transmission! Banner day for the Lindner Lab! (20161031)


Kelly Rios passed her Candidacy Exam and is now a Ph.D. Candidate in the Lindner Lab! Nicely done, Kelly! (20161013)


Kevin Hart is on a roll… he was selected to give a full talk for the Rustbelt RNA Meeting (RRM) in Cleveland, OH! This is a meeting focused on RNA biology, and Kevin will represent the work we’re doing in the malaria parasite. Keep it up, Kevin! (20161013)


Kevin Hart was selected to give a Turbo Talk at the Molecular Parasitology Meeting at Woods Hole, MA. This is one of the most important conferences for our field, so this is a big deal! Congrats, Kevin! (20160908)


Kevin Hart has just gotten word that he’s received the Huck Institutes Graduate Research Innovation Award (GRIP)! This award will help to support Kevin’s work on RNA-tags in Plasmodium, and is quite the feather in his cap. Nicely done, Kevin! (20160621)

A press release on our recent efforts to identify surface-exposed proteins on the sporozoite form of the malaria parasite has gotten some interest in the press. See the original press release here. (20160527)


Scott and colleagues at CIDR, ISB, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard have just published our surface proteomics and glycomics findings for the P. falciparum (human infectious) salivary gland sporozoite. These proteins are experimentally validated to be surface exposed, and may be an ingredient list for a better subunit malaria vaccine. See the article at PLoS Pathogens hereRead a brief from the Institute for Systems Biology here. My co-author Kristian

Swearingen also spoke about this work recently. (20160429)


Erin Vrana has been awarded a prestigious 2016 American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Undergraduate Research Fellow. Along with support for summer research, Erin will also be given funds to the annual ASM Microbe meeting in May 2017 in New Orleans. You’re on a roll, Erin! (20160428)


Erin Vrana won the Phi Kappa Phi Award for Outstanding Junior Poster for Health/Life Sciences at the Penn State Undergraduate Research Expo! It comes with a cash prize and the opportunity to hob-nob with the big wigs of Penn State at a reception in Old Main. Congrats, Erin. (20160412)


Steve Griffin has been awarded an Erickson Discovery Grant to support his research efforts for the Summer 2016. Congrats, Steve! We’ll see you a lot more this summer! (20160412)


Kelly Rios got the chance of a lifetime: She was Tom Cech‘s assistant for the classic Chemistry Demo of “What Gas Is In This Balloon?” when Tom visited Penn State recently. See the video on the Photos and Videos page (20160407)


Mike Walker has been featured in a video focused upon his work and experiences in the Lindner Lab at Penn State. This video is one of a series for the Epidemics website. You can find these directly at the website and see Mike’s video on the Video page. (20160405)


The Lindner Lab is now participating in, a website dedicated to highlighting contemporary research and topics in infectious disease biology. The videos and other content on this site is meant for a general audience, so we can get the word out to the public about the importance of Malaria, along with Zika virus, Ebola, Measles, etc… (20160307)


Elyse Munoz and Amanda Reese were recently featured in the Eberly College of Science publication “Science Journal” highlighting their work and studies in the Lindner Lab. Read all about it here! Or grab the PDF here. (20160106)


Kelly Rios (Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology (BMMB) Ph.D. Program) has joined the Lindner Lab as a permanent member. Welcome, Kelly! (20151214)


Mike Walker passed his Candidacy Exam today! Well done, Mike! You’re now a Ph.D. Candidate in MCIBS! (20151214)


Elyse Munoz was featured on the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) website for her “science story”. Read all about it here. (20151214)


Scott co-organized a Symposium on “Tropical Medicine in the Arts” at this year’s Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH)… and National Public Radio (NPR) covered the big players in malaria research… along with my co-organizer Cameron Conaway. Read the piece from NPR here. (20151030)


Our manuscript “A Bioinformatic Survey of RNA-Binding Proteins in Plasmodium” has been accepted at BMC Genomics! Kevin Hart (3rd Author) and Scott (Co-Last Author), along with many members of the Cui Laboratory are celebrating this milestone! The article will go live in the coming days/weeks online. (20151014)


Allen Minns has been promoted to Research Technologist Level 3 in the Lindner Lab due to his consistent and excellent work in the expression and purification of recombinant Plasmodium proteins and in the examination of their biochemical and structural properties. Congrats, Allen! (20151001)


Dean Taylor has joined the Lindner and Thomas Laboratories as a Research Technologist Level 1. Dean will focus on our insectary operations for transmission studies with Plasmodium parasites. Welcome, Dean! (20151001)


I’m proud of my graduate student, Kevin Hart, who successfully passed his Comprehensive Exam this morning for the Immunology and Infectious Diseases (IID) Ph.D. program! Kevin is the first student that will have gone start-to-finish entirely in my lab, so this Comp Exam is a first for us, and a great milestone! (20150811)

NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins wrote an article about Elyse Munoz ("Munoz vs. #Malaria") and the Lindner Lab on the NIH Director’s Blog and and accompanying Tweet on Twitter. Read the NIH Director’s article here, and see the Tweet here. (20150804)


The Lindner Lab joins the Twitterverse (@LindnerLab) for the obvious reason noted above… We’re “Science Famous” for the next 15 minutes! (20150804)


Amanda Reese has been selected as a 2015 American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Undergraduate Research Fellow. This prestigious award provides a research stipend and funds to attend the annual ASM meeting in May 2016 in Boston. Hot damn! (20150506)


Erin Vrana has been awarded one of the newly minted Erickson Discovery Grants, which will supply a generous stipend for her summer research with the lab. Nicely done, Erin! (20150414)


Read the synopsis of our recent contribution to understanding P. vivax liver stage biology using a humanized mouse model, written by CIDD members here. (20150407)


We won a Bronze Telly Award for our education video on the malaria parasite! Read more about the Telly’s here. Official press release to follow soon (20150325).


A collaborative project investigating the use of humanized mice with Plasmodium vivax was just published in Cell Host & Microbe (with the Kappe, Adams, and Sattabongkot Laboratories). You can find it at PubMed here (20150202).


Kevin Hart passed his IID Candidacy exam. Congrats, Kevin! Well done. (20150113)


Mike Walker (Molecular, Cellular and Integrative BioSciences (MCIBS) Ph.D. Program) has joined the Lindner Lab as a permanent member. Welcome, Mike! (20141209)


Elyse Munoz is featured in another promotional video for the Huck Institutes for the Life Sciences, and the Molecular, Cellular and Integrative BioSciences (MCIBS) graduate program. (20141209)


Elyse Munoz and Scott Lindner were featured in a promotional video for the Huck Institutes for the Life Sciences, and the Molecular, Cellular and Integrative BioSciences (MCIBS) graduate program


The Allen and Lindner Labs have been awarded seed funds in the Cyberhealth Innovation call. This award will support the work of a bioinformatician to delve into the development of new computational approaches to functionally characterize malaria proteins as a joint effort between our laboratories. More description of this award can be found on the Huck Institutes website here (20140806)


Elyse Munoz has been awarded the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Robert D. Watkins Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. This award will support her efforts to characterize Puf2 and RNA storage granules that are critical to sporozoite infectivity. Read the BMB news article here and the CIDD news link can be found here. Congrats, Elyse! (20140731)


The Center for Malaria Research (CMaR) has launched its website. (20140521)


Hannah Quinlan has left the Lindner Lab to pursue a Masters in Health Science at Lockhaven University so she can become a Physician’s Assistant. Best of luck, Hannah! (20140516)


Brooke Kanaskie has joined the Lindner Lab as a Research Technologist 2, and will expand our investigations of sporozoite infections of the liver in vivo. Welcome, Brooke! (20140505)


Elyse Munoz has won the Best Poster Presentation Award at the World Malaria Day Symposium at the New York Academy of Science for her work on RNA-binding proteins in Plasmodium sporozoites. Well done, Elyse! (20140425)


Amanda Reese has received the Gail Folena-Wasserman Undergraduate Research for Women Award with her successful proposal to develop new methods to create transgenic malaria parasites with multiple genetic modifications. Congrats, Amanda! (20140409)


The Huck Center for Malaria Research (CMaR) at Penn State will hold its first meeting on Thursday, January 30th, 2014 at 4pm in W201 Millennium Science Complex on the University Park campus. (20140118)


Mark Kennedy has joined the Lindner Lab and Thomas Lab as a Research Technologist 4, and will help to spearhead studies of the mosquito stage of development of the malaria parasite. Welcome, Mark! (20140113)

An article on our recent Fatty Acid Modifiers paper was released (20140109). Read it here.


Elyse Munoz is awarded the Huck Institutes Graduate Enrichment Award in support of her research on translational repression in Plasmodium sporozoites. Congrats, Elyse! (20131219)


Amanda Reese (Penn State Schreyer Honors College) has joined the Lindner Lab as an undergraduate researcher with a focus on Molecular Parasitology for her honors thesis project. Welcome, Amanda! (20131219)


Kevin Hart (Immunology and Infectious Disease Ph.D. Program) joined the Lindner Lab as a permanent member. Welcome, Kevin! (20131211)

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