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Photos and Videos

We enjoy capturing important and everyday moments through photos and videos, taken by us and by professionals in some cases.  

Mikaela Follmer has recorded a series of videos on the rearing and dissection of Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes in our insectary. You can view these videos on the Lindner Lab YouTube channel here.

Lindner Lab YouTube Channel Image.jpg

The SciComm team of the Eberly College of Science at Penn State created this terrific animation in support of our work to create an intranasal COVID vaccine candidate. The work is published in Microbiology Spectrum and can be found here: Patel et al. 2024

Candids from around the lab and at celebrations.

Photos from our presentations near and far.

Photos from our laboratory.

Our research was the focus of an incredible animation video created by Daryl Branford (Office of Digital Learning, Penn State University). This video sums up one of the major regulatory processes that the malaria parasite relies upon to be efficiently transmitted between the human/mouse host and its mosquito vector. (All rights reserved, please write to for permission before use.)

Scott was a part of the "Hey I Got A Question About That!" (HIGAQAT) podcast on vaccines in Summer 2019. See the podcast here.

Scott was a part of a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) focused upon epidemics. Here, Manuel Llinas and Scott Lindner discuss the Malaria Problem and present our views on what needs to be done to reduce and eliminate malarial infections.

Mike Walker has been featured in a video focused upon his work and experiences in the Lindner Lab at Penn State. (Cameo by Allen Minns)

Kelly Rios assisting Tom Cech in the classic Balloon/Gas Demo.

Pupae in a petri dish (Anopheles stephensi)

An excellent video on how mosquitoes feed on blood (PBS).

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